Radioactive Waste Records UK

Retention Rules Per Record Type

Records should be held by the licensee until the responsibility for the wastes and materials has been passed to another body such as the operator of a disposal facility.

Fundamentally records would be kept indefinitely. It is essential to ensure that licensees both now and in the future, are equipped with the knowledge and records they need to manage radioactive waste safely, over long timescales and through changes in the organisations responsible for the waste. Sometimes this knowledge transfer process will span many tens or hundreds of years. The necessary records must be available to accompany consignments of waste through their whole lifecycle, and ultimately to an archive facility. Please see Joint guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to nuclear licensees.

From the HSE The licensing of nuclear installations 3.18 Any person who believes they may have suffered harm as a consequence of activities on a licensed nuclear site is entitled to make a claim for compensation for up to 30 years after the date of the occurrence which gave rise to the claim (section 15 of NIA65 refers). Consequently, upon delicensing and/or the ending of the period of responsibility for all or part of a licensed site, HSE will expect the licensee to make secure arrangements for relevant records to be retained for that period.

Citations and References

Nuclear Installations Act 1965

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