This article provides a number of definitions for key aspects of Archiving, Information and Records Management

Definition of a Record

A Record is defined as information created, received and maintained as evidence and/or information by the organisation or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business.

These can be primary, management or support activities. Records are kept as audit trail evidence of and information about an organisation’s functions, decisions, processes, procedures, operations, proper conduct, rights and obligations, transactions or other activities of the organisation.

Definition of Records Management

Records Management is the practice we follow for both paper and electronic information (irrespective of format or media) to ensure that it is created, filed, archived, secured, retained and disposed of in a suitable manner.

We must maintain our records in a manner that ensures information is readily available, whilst protecting its confidentiality and authenticity. We need to ensure that we do not dispose of records too early, whilst at the same time not keeping certain types of information too long.

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