Customer and Sales Records UK

Description of Business Function

The function of selling to customers and managing customer relationships.

Basis of Retention and Disposition

There are few, if any requirements, to retain records directly relating to the sales process other than for accounting and tax purposes.

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However, the management of customer relationships should take account of retention periods for contracts and related records, based upon limitation periods for legal action.

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There is also the period for limitation of legal action for product liability with the need to keeping supplier records as evidence to defined product liability under Consumer Protection Act 1987, c 43, Schedule I, Part I, 11A (3), i.e. the need to evidence component sourcing and product supply in order defend liability with relation to product safety.

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Dependant upon your business, you may need to take account of anti money laundering and financial crime legislation with regards customer identify records.

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Retention Rules Per Record Type

Pricing and Charging

Under the The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, s.14, the Time limit for prosecution is: (a)the end of the period of three years beginning with the date of the commission of the offence, or (b)the end of the period of one year beginning with the date of discovery of the offence by the prosecutor, whichever is earlier. Records should probably be kept for at least this period.

Citations and References

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

Please also see Complaints records retention and disposal schedule published by The National Archives


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