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Welcome to the Records Retention Wiki of the Information and Records Management Society

We have published this wiki as an open community resource for practitioners to contribute retention rules and their rationale.

Initially this focusses upon rules for the United Kingdom.

Please note that this is NOT professional advice. You should always seek advice from a relevant legal, compliance and/or other professional.

Within the wiki, there is a page containing rules for each business function / activity.

Each page will contain:

  • Description of the Business Function
  • Basis of Retention and Disposition (i.e. how you would determine the rules for records maintained by this business function)
  • Retention Rules Per Record Type (a table containing within each row the Record Type, Retention Period and Rationale)
  • Citations (text of relevant statutes and links to useful resources)

Access to the pages is via the multi-faceted taxonomy of their Categories.

You would either tag a page to General Business Records or a specific Sector. Many pages will cover the whole UK, but if it is country or island-specific this can be tagged as well.

There is also an area containing Articles.

We hope you find this useful and welcome all contributions. Thank you.